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“I presented with problems in both feet. The right, second toe had been broken in a holiday accident years ago and arched so that the third toe bent under the second. A similar but much lesser problem with the left foot. My right leg was shorter than the left following a hip replacement. My right knee has also just been replaced.
Zoe recommended HOKA shoes and custom orthotics. My legs are now the same length and I feel a lot more level. The orthotics have done a great job and helped in my rehab of the right knee. I walk normally and feel much straighter. I am completely satisfied with the service and equipment!”

Patient Suffering from Pes Plano Valgus (flatfoot), Achilles tendinopathy & Hallux Abducto Valgus (bunion):

“They fit in all my shoes! Surprised with how comfortable they are. I am no longer experiencing sciatic symptoms or lower back pain. And post-assessment I am now more aware of my footwear choices.”

“I came to Zoe with the aim to find the right footwear for a season of heavy trail running, I have very poor arches and a bunion which is why I sought out specialist advice. Zoe did not disappoint, her confidence and product knowledge is well founded and I could not fault! She fitted me with the right model of Hoka and I’ve successfully ran 4 ultra marathons with no foot complaints at all! Zoe and her team are so friendly and keen to help that I would highly recommend their service. I travelled all the way from Durham because I wanted to deal with someone who understands the type of terrain I was headed for and being Lake District based meant she was very clued up on this. Thank you for helping me through my first season of ultras! “

My wife has a fungal infection in her toe and was referred to a hospital podiatrist who was useless. She found Zoe from Z.W. Foot and Ankle clinic who has done wonders in controlling the problem. She would recommend anyone with foot problems to go and see Zoe.

Just made a visit to Zoe at her clinic. Was  made to feel welcome by the friendly receptionist. The clinic was nice, clean and tidy. Zoe examined and immediately highlighted the problems I was having with my feet. She set to work quickly and efficiently and I left the clinic noticing a dramatic difference!! Will return for future upkeep. Thanks!!

For as long as I can remember I have always been very conscious of my feet and normally would never have thought of seeing anyone. I then just happened to chance on Zoe when I was online one day so thought I’d give her a try. I walked in feeling very nervous without a clue what to expect and within a few short minutes I knew I’d made the perfect choice. Zoe totally puts you at ease and what I wasn’t expecting was how relaxing and comfortable the whole experience was. I felt I could talk to Zoe very open and honestly about all my issues with my feet and was also able to have a very pleasant conversation about all sorts with her and left feeling as though I’d known her for a long time even though we’d only just met which I don’t say about many people at all. I have booked to see her again and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who ever might ask me

Zoe was very professional and thorough, the orthopaedic inserts that she had made for my shoes have really helped my knee and hip pain. Would highly recommend a visit

Helpful and friendly advice and support. Would definitely recommend to anyone

Zoe is extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring. I’ve never needed a podiatrist before but over the past six months I’ve developed plantar fasciitis – not as much fun as it sounds! Through custom orthotics and specific exercises to loosen up my calves Zoe has worked miracles and sorted me out. I have no hesitation in recommending her for all podiatry needs

Went to see Zoe after seeing an osteopath for a bad back. Zoe went thoroughly through the problems with my feet (which I thought were fine!) and explained how this affected my ankles, knees, hips and lower back. After making me a pair of custom insoles I haven’t had a problem with my back since and the osteopath could see the difference the insoles had made. A great professional who knows her stuff

When I visited Zoe with considerable foot and ankle pain I was pleased to be in such confident hands. Following an examination and discussions I was soon feeling benefits from exercises given and from shoe inserts which have transformed my walking.
I would recommend Z.W Foot & Ankle to anyone who needs their feet sorting

When in comes to Feet and Ankles Zoe knows exactly what she is talking about! I am currently training for a marathon this year, Zoe gave me sound advice about taking care of my feet during training. I will go back to see her before and after my marathon. The clinic is lovely and modern, you feel right at home during your appointment. Highly recommend!

Zoe has offered a number of brilliant solutions to a combination of foot problems that have bothered me for a number of years using different treatments and orthotics. I am finally, virtually discomfort free thanks to her knowledge and skills

If you have any problems with your feet, go and see Zoe

I went to Zoe because of my foot injury. With her knowledge and confidence she really calmed my worries. The only thing that I regret is that I didn’t seek her advise sooner. I am sure that everything is going to work out with her help!

Brilliant!! My feet feel like when I was young again, great company and helpful advise would defiantly recommend any one to go here

Choose to go and see Zoe after struggling to find a podiatrist that could understand the dynamics of cycling and my injury. I had a good in depth chat with Zoe, we drew diagrams, tried a few solutions, tailored them a bit, and eventually got a set of insoles that are working with my cycling shoes and my odd ankles. Personally I really appreciated the fact we could talk through solutions, rather than feel I was being given a set of insoles I could quite clearly see were not going to work in the application I needed them to. Very Happy