Zoe Wilson (Owner) is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Podiatrist with an MSc in Podiatric Surgery (Surgery of the Foot and Ankle and its associated structures). She has worked both in an NHS setting and Private practice undertaking extensive training and further study to satisfy her interest in this area of Podiatry. Her expertise range from diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the forefoot (front portion of the foot, the midfoot and rearfoot. This appointment may be suitable to diagnose and treat the following conditions in a conservative manner:

  • Big toe joint Osteoarthritis (Hallus Limitus)
  • Bunions (Hallus Abducto Valgus/ Hallus Valgus)
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Morton’s Neuroma/ Neuritis
  • Pain in the Metatarsophalangeal joints (1-5)
  • Plantar Plate Injury
  • Tailor’s bunion
  • Midfoot injury/Osteoarthritis
  • Heel pain: Plantar Fasciopathy/ Fasciitis, Bursitis of the heel
  • Tarsal Tunnel syndrome
  • Ankle joint pain
  • Ankle Injury: Acute or Chronic
  • Any other complaints affecting the foot or ankle which could be related but not limited to the knees, hips or lower back for example.

The patient will first of all be sent a form to complete with detail of the reason for their visit which can include: presenting complaint, aggravating factors (what makes it better or worse) such as footwear or activity, location of pain and level of pain out of 10 (10 being the worst and 1 very little pain)

This assessment is extremely thorough with explanation throughout. However, it is important to have appropriate history revised as this will allow the Podiatrist to identify and problem and direct treatment more effectively.

A pair shorts will be required and 1 to 2 pairs of shoes (occupation footwear/ a pair of activity shoes)

The appointment time will be allocated as 45 minutes. Any additional follow-up appointments will be charged.

This appointment could result in:

  • Onward referral for imaging: X-Ray, Ultrasound or MRI
  • A temporary orthotic addition
  • Taping
  • Loading programme
  • Stretching programme
  • Offloading period (Aircast boot)
  • Orthotic intervention: Prefabricated orthotics or Custom designed and made orthotics
  • AFO: Ankle and foot orthoses such as Richie Brace 
  • Steroid injection therapy
  • Onward referral to an Podiatric Surgical colleague or Orthopaedic colleague where appropriate for second opinion