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Here at Z.W. Foot & Ankle we take the upkeep of your feet extremely seriously. Whether this be as a result of a medical condition, your occupation or just simply an MOT on tired feet we are here to help! This treatment can be anything from nail management, to hard skin removal, corn removal, verrucae treatment, diabetic foot checks and advice, ingrowing toe nails and the list goes on! We also offer therapeutic treatments including Warm Wax Therapy for dry skin conditions or generalised aches and pains or simply just tired feet in need of a pamper. The clinic is widely stocked with an array of products to help you manage your feet from fungal nail and skin treatment, verrucae treatment, nails and dry skin. We have got it all covered. This can all be discussed in your podiatry appointment.


Here at Z.W. Foot & Ankle we are passionate about helping you stay mobile and pain free. We therefore offer a service whereby Zoe, Our Specialist Podiatrist can offer you an hour long appointment to assess any current issues, previous injuries or ongoing niggles in your lower limbs. During this time we discuss your medical history relevant to the presenting problem, activity level, footwear choices for work and leisure as well as an extensive assessment of your gait, joints and a discussion around how we can address your issues. This can include footwear, orthotics/insoles, strengthening and stretching regimes, steroid injections or onward referral for a second opinion.


Orthotics, insoles or shoe inserts as they can be known are often prescribed following a biomechanical assessment where needed. This can range from over the counter devices right up to a fully custom designed, made and measured device. Orthotics can be used to treat a variety of lower limb issues. Please have a look at our interactive foot below to see a few of the conditions we treat! If you are in doubt then please do not hesitate in giving the Podiatrist a call here at the clinic. We are happy to discuss treatment options with you over the phone or during your appointment.


Here at Z.W. Foot & Ankle we stock a wide range of HOKA trainers. Everything from road shoes, to trail shoes and off road shoes with specified sole units and additional grip. With maximal cushioning, meta-rocker geometry, superior stability and minimal weight these incredible shoes have certainly shown empowering results to our patients. Get the most out of every stride, day after day. We are happy to arrange a fitting appointment to discuss the range with you any time to see how these fantastic shoes can assist you with your activities or just as an every day shoe. As well as this we have direct links with Happy Feet on the same road! We offer fittings here and can advise on the best shoe for you!

Your Foot Pain

Select the highlighted parts of the foot to show more information about your foot pain.
Select bottom or side profile by clicking the smaller thumbnails.

Arch pain / heel pain

Plantar Fascitiis: Pain and inflammation of the Plantar Fascia which attaches to the heel bone (Calcaneus) and lies beneath the arch of the foot all the way to the toes. You may feel pain when getting out of bed or after resting which may ease off throughout the course of the day

Midfoot pain

Osteoarthritis (wear and tear), tendon injury or malfunction, trauma history

Big toe joint pain

Osteoarthritis. Pain in the big toe during walking which may worsen throughout the day when weight bearing

MTP joint pain

Capsulitis, Plantar plate: Pain and inflammation in the forefoot

Hammer toes

Hammer toes, retracted toes, pain with rubbing on shoes

Arch pain / heel painMidfoot painBig toe joint painMTP joint painHammer toes
Tailor’s bunions

Bunion on the outside of your foot. Hereditary, related to pressure in footwear or wide foot type.

Peroneal tendonitis

Pain and inflammation in a tendon which may be caused by overuse or previous trauma affecting the peroneal tendons which are the main everters of the foot and attach on the outside of the 5th metatarsal and under the 1st metatarsal.

Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles tendonitis/ tendinopathy: Pain around the attachment of the Achilles tendon on the back of the heel bone (Calcaneus) which may be associated with a prominent bump on your heel

Extensor Tendonitis

Pain and inflammation in a tendon which may be caused by overuse or previous trauma. Extensor tendons attaching to each toe which are visible on the top of the foot

Medial ankle pain
  • Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (Needs urgent assessment and management)
  • Posterior shin splints (pain around the inside of the leg, common in runners)
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome = Nerve compression pathology affecting the tibial nerve which may radiate into the foot
Lateral ankle pain
  • Peroneal tendonitis
  • Previous trauma (sprain, fracture ankle surgery)
  • Ligament injury/ rupture
  • Fracture
Tailor's bunionsPeroneal tendonitisAchilles TendinopathyExtensor TendonitisMedial ankle painLateral ankle pain

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